ClubCrowns utilize revolutionary crown graphic technology to turn the look of your driver, fairway wood, or hybrid into your own custom design. The patented installation process uses high-tech 3M films, heat temperatures of up to 200 degrees, and Knifeless Tape Technology to ensure the highest quality application, all the while maintaining the security and form of your club.

1. Order your ClubCrowns online.
2. Within 24 hours of placing the order, we will email you a complimentary UPS shipping label.
3. Print the label out and attach it to a box. Pack your clubs up and drop it off at UPS.
4. We will professionally install the ClubCrowns and get your clubs back in the mail the same day we receive the package.
5. You receive your clubs back 4-10 business days after placing your order amazed by how great it looks!

Certain designs are only for drivers, while others are for all woods. Please look under the description of each ClubCrown design for details.

ClubCrowns add between 2-3 grams. Your driver weighs 200 grams, so I wouldn’t be worried.

ClubCrowns are comparable to the paint on your club. Keep a head cover on your clubs and treat them well. They will treat you well in return.

ClubCrowns will not peel off unless you take them off.

Depending on your proximity to our Headquarters in South Carolina, anywhere from 4-10 business days.

ClubCrown utilizes a set of high-tech patented tools for professional installation. We ensure there are no bubbles or ripples, making the ClubCrown look as if it were painted on.

A demonstration of the installation is available at

Yes, simply dig your fingernail underneath the hosel portion and peel it off. If it has been on there for 6+ months, you can heat it up with a hairdryer for 10 seconds before peeling. Your club will then be in its original condition. If there is any left over adhesive residue, it will come off with rubbing alcohol.

Yes, it is best to try and match the color of your club to the background color of the ClubCrown. This way it is nearly impossible to tell the ClubCrown is not painted on. In general, if you have a dark club, pick a ClubCrown with a dark background. If you have a light club, pick a ClubCrown with a light background.

No, but we’ll let you decide for yourself. We are so confident you will love it that we offer a 30-day no questions asked return policy.

Absolutely! Custom ClubCrowns require a twelve-order minimum, no setup fee. For anything lower than that, there is a $50 setup fee.

The licensing process is a very lengthy and expensive venture. We have started with the most demanded collegiate licenses and hope to expand into the professional leagues in time.