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ClubCrown Signs USC

ClubCrown Signs License Agreement with USC

New York, New York – October 25, 2012 – ClubCrown by Vive today announced they have signed a license agreement with the University of Southern California. ClubCrown by Vive will be selling USC product both on their website and at 12 retail locations in Southern California.

As part of the license agreement, ClubCrown by Vive will be selling USC product at the three remaining home football games against Oregon, Arizona State, and Notre Dame. “Attaining the USC license agreement is a great first step for us in our expansion into licensed product. More importantly, we are proud to give USC fans the opportunity to represent their university on the golf course†stated ClubCrown Founder and CEO, Andrew Glaser.  In addition, ClubCrown by Vive will be selling USC ClubCrowns at 4 basketball home games.

USC designs, along with hundred of other designs, are available at

About ClubCrown

ClubCrown by VIVE designs high-tech films that are installed on the top of the crowns of golf drivers, woods or hybrids using a patented 10 minute process invented by ClubCrown Founder and CEO, Andrew Glaser.  The films are available in hundreds of designs.  ClubCrown officially launched its product at Roger Dunn Santa Ana in July of 2012.  Demand for the product skyrocketed out of the gate and ClubCrown expanded distribution rapidly.  Within 3 months ClubCrown has opened accounts with 12 major retailers across Southern California.  The product is now being rolled out across the US and the world.



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