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Deal Includes Twenty Four Universities in the West

NEW YORK CITY, NY – ClubCrown by VIVE has officially signed licensing agreements with a host of NCAA colleges, including many from the West. This allows the company to personalize driver, fairway wood and hybrid clubheads with multiple designs for each university, via a professionally applied durable, glossy and high-tech 3M film.

The licensed colleges from the West include Arizona State, Brigham Young, Fresno State, Gonzaga, New Mexico State, Oregon State, Pepperdine, San Diego State, Stanford, Southern Methodist University, Texas A&M, Texas Christian University, University of Arizona, University of California at Berkeley, University of Colorado, University of Montana, University of Nevada, University of New Mexico, University of North Texas, University of Southern California, University of Tulsa, and Washington State University, Boise State and the University of Oregon.

“Golfers have wanted to express their school pride on their drivers,” says Andrew Glaser, Founder and CEO of the company. “ClubCrown offers an elegant and easy solution that improves the driver’s look and doesn’t affect the club’s performance.”

A ClubCrown is an innovative and exciting way to personalize and improve the look and style of any driver, fairway wood or hybrid. Installed on the clubhead’s crown, it offers golfers a chance to show their school spirit, at a reasonable price. It’s unprecedented and fits in seamlessly among the latest and growing trend of golfers personalizing their golf equipment. ClubCrown’s finished quality is exceptional, and makes the club look as if it was painted by the manufacturer. It also can make the club look brand new, regardless of its physical condition.

ClubCrown teaches retailers how to use their simple tools and patented installation process, to install a ClubCrown in 10 minutes. The product has essentially the same high durability properties as the original club finish, and won’t bubble, ripple or peel. It’s removable by the consumer, and conforms with USGA Rules and the Rules of Golf.

About ClubCrown by VIVE
ClubCrown manufactures high-tech films that are professionally installed on the crowns of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. The New York-based company teaches retailers its patented 10-minute installation process. Consumers bring their clubs to ClubCrown’s retail partners, to have the product installed. The films are available in hundreds of designs, colors, patterns, universities and logos. ClubCrowns are extremely durable and are highly resistant to bubbles, ripples and peeling. They add roughly one swing weight and are removable. Plus, they conform with USGA rules and conform to the Rules of Golf.

ClubCrown officially launched its product at Roger Dunn Santa Ana in July of 2012. The product is now being rolled out across the U.S. and internationally.
All designs are available at

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